Let Patients Read Their Medical Records

Sometimes, before I interview new patients, while I’m waiting for them to be transported from the emergency department to the medical floor, I play a game. I look through their lab tests. I [...]

How to Stop the Bouncing Between Insurance Plans Under Obamacare

Millions of Americans are finding Obamacare to be unstable ground. Consider a young construction worker, a patient of mine, whose hours are cut during the winter. His income drops slightly, and [...]

Most Dangerous Time at the Hospital? It May Be When You Leave

His wife assured me he was the life of the party, the kind of guy “you pay to stop talking.” But her description only added to the concerns I had about my patient, a drowsy older man with gnawing [...]

Why some drug prices should be high

How much should we pay for new drugs? That is arguably the most important, complex, and controversial question in health care today. New drugs intended for widespread use — like antiviral [...]